How to install clubhouse to Android?

22. února 2021

Every think is posible. If a company overlooks the user. Users can bypass the company and make the solution themselves. It is said that clubhouse will be for android in a few months. Byt you can use clubhouse on android today. Install clubhouse on Android!

Yes, it is posible to run Clubhouse on Android. I googleplay is application clubhouse, but its not the social network. You can use Houseclub. It is non-oficial aplication. It is open-source software, you can check sourcode or make it better.


What works?

  • Login
  • Registration should work, but I suggest that you better use an iOS device to register
  • Seeing the list of rooms however the server recommends them
  • Joining rooms from said list and by direct links
  • Listening and speaking
  • Raising hand (asking to speak)
  • Accepting when a moderator allows you to speak
  • Real-time updates in to the participant list
  • Profiles
  • Following and unfollowing people
  • Followers/following lists
  • Updating your "bio"


  • Notofications
  • Invitation


Link for downloiad android client for Android phone is here: Houseclub

Download and install

Download APK:

Now you must click to Install and accept third party installation.

Desktop icon:


If you want registered, somebody must invite your phone number.

Use Clubhouse


Video tutorial

Notofications, Invitation

Screenshot clubhouse android notification Screenshot clubhouse android invitation

Search, upcoming events



You can join to the Facebook clubhouse android group. Here you can share updates ask for invate or ask questions.

Source code

Here is my github repositorie. There is sourcecode of the application. It is fork of grishka.

Install packages

Here is some github repos, where you can find new version of application: Houseclub by bit-world Houseclub by mkljczk


Facebook group for sharing experiences and invitations
clubhouse python
about clubhouse on reddit

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