Embedded World 2016

Linux and Raspberry Pi every where you look.

February 24, 2016 I was in Nuremberg at the Embedded World trade fair. Big fair with lots of interesting things. Showcased the various embeded finished a development board also lots of wireless modules. It has been seen that Linux is standard in embedded hardware where it is needed operating system with the administration of operation memory . Additionally, Linux is a small and fast. It can boot in 1 second and the next second in a graphical environment.


VIA presented their devices. It was often seen on devices graphical toolkit QT.

Stand firm Azul. On display were embedded boards with the presentation of Java programs:

Railways controlled using Raspberry Pi running the program in assembly language Ada:
raspberry pi train ada

raspberry pi sentech

Farm Wireless Modules:
wireless farm


raspberry pi


Many companies produce various boxes on the Raspberry Pi. It is also possible to manufacture to order.
raspberry pi boxs

On display were many different boards, four are together. Banana Pi, Raspberry Pi, about BeagleBone and unknown to me:
raspberry pi banana beaglebone

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