Wireless Arduino with low power consumption


Wireless Arduino

Warduxere is project to replace IQRF modules. It is designed to be compatible with arduino. The base of HW is microcontroller Atmega328 and wireless chip SI4432.

3D view

3D view of wireless low power arduino:
warduxere 3D view


My requirements for the device:


Source code are on GitHub:
The PCB released as Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0.

Warduxere (old name was Warduino) was awarded the prize in a magazine for the design of electronic journals PE-AR.

warduxere 3D view

First try

For first try is only required:

arduino wireless usb-serial


Connect with USB serial converter:
wireless arduino connection

Fist prototype

warduxere bottom
Photo from top side, CPU:
warduxere cpu
final device with wireless:
warduxere wireless


Click for download PDF file with Schema.



Here you can download a PDF file with my presentation Low Power Wireless Arduino of the event Arduino Day 2016 Prague, which took place on April 2, 2016 at Mathematics and Physics Faculty of Charles University . It is in czech language.

The series of articles with Warduxere:Realization of wireless programmable modules (in Czech language).

Instruction: How to make wireless low power Arduino

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