Disassembled computer disk

February 24, 2007

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I got my hands on a badly functioning disc, and because it was in a very poor state. So I took it apart.
I didn't get a photo of the open disc, but I'm sure everyone has seen one of those. So here I have pictures of the already disassembled disc. And a lot of details.

disassembled disk

Disk controller.
disk controller

Disk disassembled into its individual parts.
disk platters

The arm of the read heads, the top left exposing the head electronics and the bottom right the motor winding.
I couldn't remove the arm of the read heads because I didn't have such a small star screwdriver.
disk reader heads

Input to the read heads.
disk read heads

Motorcycle rotor
disk motor rotor

Otherwise, I personally prefer Maxtor drives and over the years I haven't had a hardware problem with them and they all serve me well so far.

If you value your data and files, definitely secure it backup.

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