Finalization of manufactured loudspeakers

August 23, 2007

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In the previous article I described reprobeden production.


To prevent the speakers from resonating, they need to be silenced. I used Izoverem to dim them. I have installed a grille on the front of the speakers for a lot of money, but it serves its purpose perfectly - protection from intruders.


I have this in my workshop. There's no turnout, I just have it wired to give 4 Ohms.
I pulled a wire from the amp and when I go to make something I plug it in instead of one box, it plays fine :-).
speakers in a box

So I finally found some time too and replaced the electrolytic capacitors with coil capacitors. :-)
new capacitors

After many years of trouble-free use, I had to proceed to renovation reprobeden.

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