Bike holder for OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner

June 14, 2010

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You can learn how to make a snug fitting case or holder for an item in this article. Where I make a holder for smartphone Openmoko Neo Freerunner.

First I needed to make a hoof to bend the holder:

Then I cut out the part intended to be bent. I also cut off the excess material and drilled holes for the screws.
bike mount for FreeRunner

Here you can see the sculpted bracket. The individual parts are not connected, as this can make them spring apart.
bike mount for FreeRunner

Mounted on the bike:
bike mount for FreeRunner
bike holder for FreeRunner bike holder for FreeRunner
The fasteners that hold the bracket to the bike are made of a regular more flexible plastic that are bolted together. On the handlebars the holder is supported by rubber.
bike mount for FreeRunner

Drawing of the bike mount for Neo FreeRunner phone:
drawing of the FreeRunner bike mount
Click on the image to download the source file.

The dimensions for the mount, so that it can be placed on the center of the handlebars oversize must be: 48mm height, 64mm width, 31mm hole diameter. The spacing of the screws in the bracket and the mount still needs to be increased to 46mm accordingly. Otherwise the other dimensions are based on the original version.
Resulting application bracket for OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner on the oversize handlebars of a Duratec Torain bike.

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