Migrating VPS from VMware to Proxmox

May 2, 2024

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There are many reasons to migrate a VPS from VMware to Proxm.... The question is how to migrate a VPS from VMware to Proxmox. If you have multiple physical servers, you can try it gradually. However, even if you have one server you can do a ready migration, so that you reinstall that one server. You can learn the specific procedure on how to migrate a VPS from VMware to Proxmox in this article.

Why migrate?

Migrating a VPS (Virtual Private Server) from one solution to another is laborious, so you're probably wondering why you should migrate.

The reasons to migrate from VMware to Proxmox are many and each company has a different main reason. The most common reasons for migration are:

  • License Policy
  • Better performance
  • All thebenefits of an open-source solution

Details on the virtualization tool Proxmox to learn its basic features and details of its benefits.

Analysis and documentation

Do not proceed with the migration without documentation and analysis of the current state. You could find yourself in a situation where something stops working and you don't know why. Once you have the current state of your infrastructure documented you can plan and begin the migration.


Migrating a VPS from VMware is easy and you can use a similar procedure as guide on how to import Windows into Proxmox.

Migrating a VPS (Virtual Private Server) from VMware to Proxmox requires several steps and it is important to proceed carefully to avoid data loss or server malfunction.
Here is a general procedure that can be used:

  1. Backup all data and settings from the virtual server to VMware before beginning the migration.
  2. Shut down the VPS and export the virtual disk from the VPS. You will get a VMKD file.
  3. Create a new virtual machine in Proxmox.
  4. Import the vmdk file as a new disk at the new VPS in proxmox.
  5. Connect the imported virtual disk to the newly created virtual machine in Proxmox (atache).
  6. Set up boot from that disk.
  7. Launch the virtual machine in Proxmox and start the server.
  8. Set up the network according to the current infrastructure.


Step-by-step video tutorial on how to migrate a VPS from VMware to Proxmox:


If you are running Windows in your VPS, it is a good idea to use a VirtIO disk and network controller for better performance. You can install the necessary drivers for Windows from the ISO CD where the VirtIO drivers are.

Proxmox VE Import Wizard from VMware

At the time of publishing this guide, a new feature has been created and released in Proxmox to connect VMware ESXi and import VPS from VMware.
If you want to use the Wizard, the prerequisites are:

  • Proxmox version 8
  • .
  • Reserved server with Proxmox
  • VMware must be available over the network

Will then be able to mount the repository from Vmware to Proxmox and use the wizard to import the VPS.

Detailed video tutorial on how to use Proxmox VE Import Wizard from VMware:

More imformation at the Proxmox VE Import Wizard from VMware forum.


Importing a VPS from VMware to Proxmox is a simple matter. It just needs to be well planned and executed step by step. Afterwards, you will enjoy high performance, good usability, project existence certainty and low operating costs.

Then, in Proxmox, you can simultaneously run a VPS with Windows and accounting, a VPS with Linux and ISP Config, which will provide you with a webserver and mail server, and many other VPSs with different software.

Also, if you want to start using Proxmox feel free to contact us for collaboration opportunities.

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