Manufacture of loudspeakers.

April 25, 2004

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I don't have a plan/instruction, a scan of Aradio magazine or any other details. If you have those details, send them to my email and I'll add it to the article.


Making a proper loudspeaker I've been meaning to for a while, but only when I buy speakers I started thinking about the dimensions.
I decided on a three-way speaker and in November 2003 I bought:

Bass Speaker 30Hz-3kHz 12" 4ohm 200/450W
2 "Al coil with polypropylene diaphragm and rubber hinge
Centre speaker 0.5-5kHz 4ohms 50/150W
tweeter 2-20kHz 4 ohms 100W
The centre speaker is from the Czech company TVM, which is favourably reflected in the price. The woofer and tweeter are from Vigasound. The speakers have a high sensitivity, so even with the same amplifier power they will produce a louder sound than conventional or older speakers.

TVM is an abbreviation of Tesla Valašské Meziříčí. The production of loudspeakers was continued under the company TVM Acoustics s.r.o., which was closed after a wild capitalization.

speakers speakers

I bought 25mm thick chipboard in March and had it cut. And I started to build the boxes with dimensions 800x500x450mm HxWxD. First I cut holes for the speakers, so that the speaker could be screwed in from the front and the midrange and bass from the back.

There are slats in all edges for reinforcement. I attached these to the front wall first, 3 to the base and one to the sides. I then assembled, glued and screwed everything together. I used at least 300 screws.
front walls sides base assembled repro-pod

Then I painted it with black luxol.

I made a better version of the switches according to the instructions from Amara, i.e. with a steepness of 12dB/octave. One 4 ohm turnout for a three-way speaker contains: 2 0.125mH coils ; 2 125mH coils ; 2 4uF capacitors and 2 40uF capacitors. If I were buying this type of coils they would cost me about 2400Kč, but with electrolytic capacitors I used coil capacitors.
Used wire from another coil.

I used this tube meter to measure the coils.

wound coils.


assembled repro box

I screwed in the speakers, switches and "speakon" connectors, soldered the wires and the testing could begin.
This is what it looks like inside. I'm using cushions for dimming for now.
plugged-in speaker

Looking and especially listening is a well-deserved reward for the work.
Above is my current box sound very good, made by my father.
Old and new speakers. On the box is a remote control that I used to use to control a windows PC, I can supply the receiving device for 200Kč.
I still need to buy and add a grille ahead of time and get some amps, I've got a 4-channel 120W kit picked out. Then I will use all four boxes as a home theater.

I don't understand how anyone can buy a HiFi tower. As it's in plastic the sound sucks. Even if they have like 80W thanks to crappy speakers it barely sounds a third as good as my last system with 30W amp. At max, they sound like a radio.

I already bought a grille. I chose a grille over the whole box (I really don't like the wheels on the speaker) with big holes (to see the speakers clearly) The grille was pretty overpriced two pieces cost me 900 CZK,but where could I get it? And my boxes deserve a bit of security, because people are pigs.

Left me on the crate, middle and right my colleague.
reprobedna reprobedna reprobedna

I then proceeded to finalize reprobeden.

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