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February 27, 2023

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Artificial intelligence has been all the rage in recent months. Specifically, the practical use for image generation and GPT chat, which is used to generate text and program code. Of course, I've tried it out and I can see an interesting new technological advantage in it. But is it really a revolution?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that deals with the development of algorithms and systems, that are capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligence. These tasks can be, for example, image recognition, solving complex problems, translating from one language to another, data analysis and prediction, planning and decision-making. Artificial intelligence uses a variety of methods and techniques, including machine learning, neural networks, decision fuzzy logic and others. These methods allow AI systems to improve their performance based on the data they collect and analyze, and also allow humans to interact with these systems using natural language and voice recognition. AI is used in many fields such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, healthcare, finance, marketing and more. Its use is constantly expanding and could have significant impacts on society and the economy in the future.

PS: I generated the basis of this introductory text using Chat GPT.

Typically when something is a big topic, it gets more talk than it has any real benefit. I apply the same assumption to news. However, in order to confirm this in a given case, I need to test this assumption. That's why I've tried AI for both text generation and image and application code generation. And like a good entrepreneur, I summarized my experiences and conclusions in this article, which acts as my personal marketing.

Generating with AI

Currently, AI can be used to generate:

  • images
  • texts
  • programs
  • translations
What is the result?

Generating images

To generate the image, I tried the Dalle2 technology, which can be found at: Specifically, the working interface is at:

Anyone can create an account and gets a free small credit that is continuously renewed. Requests are made in human language, i.e. in normal sentences. You can use English, but my result was as if the AI didn't understand me properly. So my conclusion is that you need to write in English. But that's where another AI can help you, which you use to make your to translate your text into English.

Artificial intelligence is very good at generating images of fish:

If you want to generate people and animals the results are not much. Humans in the results often end up as mutants with multiple limbs, or at least limbs that grow on in various atypical places. Even the good results show flaws. The funny ones are usually the ones where there's a group of people. Generating a cyclist didn't have very good results either. Here are the better results:

I tried to generate some some technical objects, specifically something on the subject of servers.The result is here, where the first image is a typical example of a piece of junk, and the second image is a result that could be used, for example, as an illustration image:

I generated the illustration for this article using AI.

Questions and text generation

To generate texts and get answers to questions, you can use

With Chat GPT you can also chat in Czech, it just occasionally switches randomly to English. And you can see that the generated English is often cumbersome.

I had an article generated on 10 advantage of Linux. The article summarizes generally accepted truths, and is therefore true and correct, however, you will not find any details in the article or specific facts. The article is true, but you won't learn anything practical. In reality, you will either need to gain personal practical experience or have an expert on hand with whom to consult about your situation.

Second article generated by AI What are the benefits of of Proxmox virtualization?

I've also tried asking about topics that are taboo... something the AI refuses to answer. And it's obvious that AI has learned or even set feminist views.

why should a user choose a windows operating system?
Compatibility:Windows is the most common operating system on the market and is compatible with most hardware and software. This means that users can use their favorite applications and hardware without any problems.

  • Proven stability: Windows is an operating system that has been on the market for many years and its stability and security have been proven over this time.
  • Support. find a solution for their needs.
  • User-friendliness. users with no previous computer experience.
  • Lots of applications and program that are primarily available for Windows
It is important to note that the choice of operating system depends on the individual user's needs and preferences.

why is windows a bad operating system?
There are several reasons why someone might consider Windows to be a bad operating system:

  • Security risks: Windows is often the target of various security threats such as viruses and malware. These These threats can cause damage to a user's computer and personal data.
  • Stability issues: Windows can sometimes be prone to various errors and crashes, which can be frustrating for users.
  • High cost: Windows is a commercial software that is sold at high prices, which can be an issue for some users.
  • Limited control: Windows is controlled by Microsoft, which means that users have limited control over their operating system and may be limited in their choices.
  • Dependence on updates and manufacturer support, which may be inadequate or stop being offered after a certain time
Again, it is important to note that the choice of operating system depends on the individual user's needs and preferences.

why is linux a bad operating system? Answer:
There are several reasons why someone might consider Linux to be a bad operating system:

  • Steep learning curve: Linux has a steep learning curve for some users because it has a different structure and configuration than Windows or Mac OS.
  • Limited software support: Linux has less software support than Windows or Mac OS.
  • Limited hardware support: Linux has less hardware support than Windows or Mac OS.
  • Limited support for games: Linux has less support for games than Windows or Mac OS.
  • Some applications are not available or behave differently than on other operating systems.
  • Some users may have compatibility or peripheral configuration issues.
Again, it is important to note that the choice of operating system depends on the individual user's needs and preferences.

why is windows a good operating system? Answer:
There are several reasons why someone might consider Windows a good operating system:

  • Friendly user interface: Windows has an intuitive and friendly user interface that is easy to easy to use for most users.
  • Broad software support: Windows has broad software support, including applications for work, games and entertainment.
  • Broad hardware support: Windows has broad hardware support, which means that many different types of peripherals devices will work with the operating system.
  • Works with MS Office: Windows is optimized to work with the MS Office office suite, which is widely used in offices and schools around the world.
  • Long history: Windows has a long history and many years of experience, which means it has an extensive community of users and broad support.
  • Reliability: Windows is an overall stable and reliable operating system that provides a high level of stability and reliability.
Again, it is important to note that the choice of operating system depends on the individual user's needs and preferences.

You can see in the answers that the AI answers with generic answers like you can find thousands of on the internet.
Experts do not consider Windows to be a secure operating system. Windows will be more suitable for those who use software, that depend on Windows. Linux is often more suitable for everyone else and basically a necessary choice for IT developers.

If you have a common user problem with your computer, you won't get better advice from Artificial Intelligence than what comes to mind alone a layman.
how to make mp4 format videos from gopro cameras work in davinci? Answer:
If you are having trouble opening MP4 files from a GoPro camera in DaVinci Resolve, you can try the following steps:

  • Update the program: make sure you have the latest version of DaVinci Resolve. Often updates are program updates are added to support new video formats and improve compatibility.
  • Install codecs, such as K-Lite Codec Pack or VLC Media Player, which can help with proper video decoding.
  • Change the video format: If you are unable to open MP4 files in DaVinci Resolve, you can convert them to another format using a file converter such as Freemake Video Converter or Any Video Converter. If converting the file doesn't work, you can also try importing the video into another video editing program and then import it into DaVinci Resolve.
  • Use Proxies. computer power, you can try creating proxy files for the GoPro camera videos. Proxy files are smaller files with lower resolution files that are easier for video editing programs to process. In DaVinci Resolve, you can easily create proxy files for videos. Just select the files, right click and choose "Generate Optimized Media".
  • Check your computer performance: If you're still having trouble opening MP4 files in DaVinci Resolve, you may It may be due to insufficient computer performance. Make sure your computer is powerful enough to to process high-resolution, high-quality videos. If not, you can try upgrading your computer hardware or choose a different video editing program.

Translations of texts

There has long been a goole tranlate that you can use not only for translation, but also for the delivery of text. For example, I, for a stay at Canary Islands, I use voice conversion to listen to the pronunciation.

A better solution is deepl. Deepl also has an API that you can use to automate the translation. For example, I've programmed a function that translated completely all the products in the eshop from one language to another. And then it continuously translates newly added products as well. This saves a lot of human work, which that would take a long time to do, and it's not likely to pay for itself.

I also used AI to translate an article that AI had previously generated for me, the result English article on the topic: What are the benefits of Proxmox virtualization?.
I had the second article translated as well:
10 advantages of Linux
Do you think the English translation done by AI needs proofreading?

Another sample generated article Why it's good to practice and subsequently translated why is it good to exercise

Generating Programs

For generating programs, or more precisely parts of code, you can again use Chat GPT

AI can decently generate the basis of some simple function. For example, it can generate a simple bash script for you. For a layman to use that is not appropriate. But an IT specialist can save himself some time. He or she can have part of the code generated and then, thanks to his or her expertise, check it and correct or modify it as needed.

I tried to give an AI the task of generating a simple web application in PHP. It will not deliver a complete application. However, it will supply you with a usable HTML template. Trivial PHP code. And SQL to create the DB structure.
As a basis for creating some example for training the basics of web applications, this is usable

Other users have praised the generation of boilerplate code for JavaScript technology

Risks of AI

At the thought of AI generating images, text, or programs, one thinks that these jobs will be replaced by by AI and people will go hungry. If this happens, it is important to remember that nothing is constant, situations are always changing and the main advantage of humans is that they can adapt quickly and well.

I asked this question to the AI as well: will people lose their jobs because of AI?

Her answer: The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in some industries may impact employment in the short term. For example, if certain tasks are significantly automated, people who used to perform those tasks may be, replaced by machines. However, in the long term, AI could also create new jobs because it can be used to process and analyse large amounts of data, which could lead to the creation of new industries and jobs. For example, in fields such as the development, maintenance and implementation of AI systems, marketing, research and development, law and others. It is important to note that the impact of AI on employment depends on many factors, including the speed and scale of adoption of new technologies, the ability of workers to adapt to new technologies and labour market needs, and the way in which AI is regulated and used in different areas.

From the results of the images generated, it can be seen that the results are interesting and nice but not perfect. They can certainly be used as illustrative images. But if you have serious content for example a tutorial or describing a fact. It will still be better to take a real photo by a capable photographer or have an illustration drawn.

Writers are afraid of being replaced by text generation. But creativity will not be replaced by AI. Text generation can be used to product descriptions in an online store or to create marketing articles. However, even with such articles, it is clear that the content is not interesting and it is just generic text. The real meaning, i.e. conveying information, is missing in such an article. Yes, if you need to create content for the web or school work, you'll use AI. But beware that there are already tools that try to recognize such generated text

I don't see replacing programmers as realistic. For a long time now, the IT world has worked by streamlining and automating. So the job of the IT professional is to keep moving. And solving complex problems, designing complex structures and being creative is not something AI can do. On the contrary, many new applications will emerge that will build on the capabilities of AI.

I see AI as another benefit for all, minimal risk in the current state and certainly not a major revolution.


Don't be afraid of AI and definitely give it a try. At the very least, it's interesting for fun or you can already apply it to your hobby or job today.

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