Which mouse to choose for my computer?

December 27, 2023

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Recently my good old mice have stopped working for me. Plus, I needed a suitable wireless mouse for traveling. At the same time I'm trying out various alternative peripherals. Now I have been disappointed several times by Logitech and its products. What new mouse to choose in 2023 and 2024? I'll tell you what not to buy, I'll give a few type and I think I found a new winner when it comes to classic mouse and vertical mouse.

There are many different mice available. Even one manufacturer produces several types. Some are very similar just different in details. So it's a good idea to think about what you want so you don't buy something you already know won't suit you. For example, I bought one mouse this way and now a second mouse that has quiet buttons. With such a mouse I don't know if I have pressed the button and therefore such mice are unusable for me. On the other hand, for online-stream for example, such a mouse can be an advantage because it will not disturb its clicking.

Problems with Logitech products

Why am I choosing a new mouse? Historically, I've used Logitech mice. Logitech mice have been high quality with good ergonomics. However, I recently purchased two Logitech Corded Mouse M500 mice and after a year, one broke. I measured the wire and it was OK. So I sent it in for warranty. They sent it back to me from the warranty claiming that I, an electrical engineer by training, had opened the mouse unprofessionally. After a year I gave them another chance, but I bought a Logitech Corded M500s mouse. This Logitech Corded M500s mouse was crooked. I straight up advertised it and got an equally crooked mouse. You can see the crookedness of the mouse in the following video. It's not much, but you can't work properly with an unstable mouse let alone for long days. Instead of producing a proven product, Logitech is creating new and new models that are even unusable. :-(

What are my requirements for a mouse

  • The buttons must click - both the sound and the feel of the press.
  • Mouse must be large.
  • Good mouse ergonomics.
  • Durability.
  • I'm fine with a wire.
  • I want a wireless mouse for travel.
  • Vertical mouse needs to be wireless because the cable gets in the way in any situation.

A large wireless mouse is harder to find. Perhaps because wireless mice are historically thought of as mobile and so typically small.

You need to take into account how the mouse is powered. If the mouse is powered by a type AA battery this is a big advantage. AA batteries are easier to find than type AAA. The integrated rechargeable battery can be a risk. With such a mouse you have to reckon that once the battery is worn out even a working mouse will have to be thrown away. Unless you have the skills to disassemble the device and replace the battery.

Why a vertical mouse?

Because no mouse can save you from wrist problems, and any change is good. So a different mouse will give you healthier working conditions. Better said, less unhealthy.

List of mice

I have had experience with various mice. I have bought several of them. And when I find an interesting peripheral, I buy it. Now I have bought even more new mice so that I can choose the best one I can buy.

Logitech MX400 Precision Laser Mouse

We picked up the Logitech MX400 computer mouse at my last job before I became an IT freelancer. And I got the same mouse for my house. The mouse is large has good ergonomics and has lasted for years. The mouse was expensive, but it was a good investment.
The price in 2006 was 934kč ~ 39 EUR.

Logitech Corded Mouse M500

Logitech Corded Mouse M500 is a good mouse. But soon it mysteriously did and did not accept my claim because I opened it to measure the cable. They described the opening as unprofessional handling. At the same time, I have a degree in electrical engineering and I fix things that a specialist repair shop solves by replacement.
Price 2016 728kč ~ 30EUR.

Logitech Corded M500s

Logitech Corded M500s looks exactly the same as the previous mouse. I don't know if Logitech has incompetent designers, they don't test products or they just don't have quality control in manufacturing. But the mouse I bought and the replacement I got after a complaint rocked. Such a mouse is useless for work. It can be awkwardly solved only by taping the points intended to touch the substrate to make the mouse higher. The problem is in the centre, where the optics are - this place protrudes above the others.
Price 919Kč ~ 38EUR.

Logitech-Corded-M500s-top Logitech-Corded-M500s-bottom

Trust Ravan

The Trust Ravan mouse isn't big, the buttons click, and it's powered by two AAA batteries. Price 319Kč ~ 13 EUR

Trust-Ravan-top Trust-Ravan-bottom

Speedlink AXON Desktop Mouse

Speedlink AXON Desktop Mouse USB mouse on a wire. Size is ok, but otherwise not much. It gives me the impression of a cheap plastic product. Price 629Kč ~ 26 EUR

Trust Kuza Wireless Mouse

The Trust Kuza Wireless Mouse is a wireless mouse powered by two AAA batteries. Its buttons do not click. Price 280Kč ~ 12 EUR
If someone doesn't mind that the mouse buttons don't click, this is an ergonomically good sized wireless mouse.

Trust-Kuza-Wireless-Mouse-top Trust-Kuza-Wireless-Mouse-bottom

C-TECH Ergo WM-05

The C-TECH Ergo WM-05 is an average mouse and is very inexpensive.
Price 105 ~ 4 EUR

C-TECH-Ergo-WM-05-top C-TECH-Ergo-WM-05-bottom

Trust Fyda ECO

The Trust Fyda ECO mouse is available in both USB cable and wireless versions.
Version with USB cable - 369Kč ~ 12 EUR
The wireless version of the Trust Fyda ECO mouse has a rechargeable battery that is integrated. It is rechargeable via USB micro connector. The mouse does not work when charging.
Price 499Kč ~ 21 EUR

Trust-Fyda-ECO-wireless-top Trust-Fyda-ECO-wireless-bottom

Hama MW-900

The Hama MW-900 mouse is ergonomically well designed. The scroll wheel is quite heavy It runs on a standard one AA pencil battery and which is much more practical than the AAA type. It shows the battery level. It has DPI switching (I think all mice have that nowadays) The optical sensor is a laser. The buttons don't make a sound or click - unusable for me.
Price 569Kč ~ 24 EUR

Hama-MW-900-top Hama-MW-900-bottom

Vertical mice

I use vertical mice to keep my hand in a slightly different position. The change of position is good for health. I don't have the vertical mouse positioned to the right of the keyboard, but have it in front of me between my body and the keyboard. And just as a result of this placement, the cable would get in the way, which is why I only use wireless models of vertical mice.

Connect IT for health Verti Wireless

Connect IT for health Verti Wirelesss is a good vertical mouse
Price 419Kč ~ 18 EUR

Connect-IT-for-health-Verti-Wireless-top Connect-IT-for-health-Verti-Wireless-bottom

Trust Verro

The Trust Verro is a large (tall and long) vertical mouse. It is powered by one standard size battery - type AA.
Price 699Kč ~ 29 EUR

Trust-Verro-top-1 Trust-Verro-bottom

Trust Verto

Trust Verto - a good vertical mouse I have both wired and wireless versions. However, the wire bothers me, so I only use the wireless version.
Price 599Kč ~ 25 EUR


Both Trust vertical mice are taller than the ConnectIT.


The quality of Logitech mice has gone down steeply: they break, the latest model has design flaws or is poorly made. Yet the price of 900kč ~ 38EUR is the highest. Only special mice produced in small series or gaming mice, where you pay for the feeling of status, are more expensive.

Currently I consider Trust to be the market leader, or rather its products are the market leader. Mice from Trust model Verto and Verro is what I am satisfied with for everyday use.

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