Summary of 2019

January 6, 2020

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It is best to start the new year with a recap of the previous year. How was my 2019? Where have I been and what have I learned? How did I accomplish my goals?

A summary of any activity or period is a basic way to evaluate the goals for that period and an opportunity to draw conclusions, whether the objectives were achieved and with what effort. Subsequently, such conclusions become the basis for further planning, because it is only on the basis of the information that we can decide whether to pursue something and whether we are on the right track.
Especially for me, a young person and entrepreneur, this is important because most of life's journey is ahead of me and so I need to right go.

I did a recap of the past year, 2018, in the form of a video, which is here:

For a change, I decided to summarize 2019 in writing.
As supporting documents, I've pulled together: bulletin board papers, diary, invoices and more. So I did indeed have something to go on.


Priorities are the foundation of success especially for a freelancer. I've written these down clearly:

  1. me
  2. health
  3. sport/movement
  4. nearby people
  5. traveling
  6. meet new people
  7. work
  8. variability
Having a job in the first place is a potential problem. It happened to me when I was an employee, and even for a freelancer it's a big risk. Having said that, work always fits in between other activities somehow. After all, work takes up the most time of your life anyway, right after sleep, so it's clear that you won't forget about work.


Relatively recently I've come to realise that it's no good if you can't say something and make it known about yourself.

That's why I've tried to be proactive. For me, as a professional and an introvert, social media is good for promotion.
So I have been regularly active on all the social networks where I have an account:

Surprisingly, Facebook has become a network that is good for something. Probably due to the sheer mass of users. Just need to unfollow where the content doesn't bring anything organized or even just trolling.

I've come to love LinkedIn for the discussions, which often bring interesting information or perspectives. On LinkedIn, it's good to purposefully disconnect with HR ladies, because their posts are overwhelmingly a waste of time. Of course, there will be exceptions.

In addition to the cycling-jersey, I now have a promotion on my car. You can see how I did the decal and what the result looks like here:

Youtube videos

I've been active on YouTube. I made videos on my topics: IT, tech, sports, diet, philosophy and regularly released them every week on Monday. I also did livestreams. For time reasons I stuck to doing one or max two livestreams a month. However, I won't be continuing livestreams for the next year, because having a fixed time allotment is enough of a burden for me, and due to low participation, even a livestream doesn't have the main advantage - i.e. interaction. Therefore, I will concentrate more on making videos, where I can prepare the topic better and then edit and possibly add to the footage. Moreover, I have a lot of video material in my inventory and can't keep up with editing.

My YouTube channel has grown, I currently have over 200 subscribers, which is 2x as many as last year.
I will still stick to the topics of IT, technology, philosophy, sports, lifestyle and personal growth.


Here on this site I like to publish an article every month. And I have approximately succeeded in doing that. Thematically, I stick to the field that feeds me, information technology. And I will continue to do so. As a freelancer, I always have something new to draw from. And thanks to the excellent SEO, the articles are also good publicity, which I have found out.

Since I have a contact list of some sort, every once in a while I send out a news item or news that is of interest to me. For example, where I'm going to a conference or what new technology I have in my portfolio. Except for a few exotics, most people like them. And thanks to the email they get a few times a year, at least they know I'm still alive.


The field of information technology is broad and constantly moving, so there is a need for constant learning. So I purposely told myself that I would learn new technologies. (In my job, I almost lost the point of learning.) I make my choice based on the fact that it must not be an alternative to the technology I already know (which I need to deepen). But it must be a technology that is complementary to or solves an emerging need or something I will need soon. There are many technologies, so it doesn't even make sense to learn something to stock, but it's good to at least look at them, so you know what it is when you encounter it. For example, I used to learn stock with PostgreSQL, but then it turned out that most companies require MySQL. This year, however, I brushed up on my PosgreSQL knowledge. For example, according to what I've seen about the wheel that it fits and uses I've incorporated knowledge of Docker technology, which I now actively and increasingly use Docker training.

The IT technologies that I have incorporated into my knowledge base and portfolio in 2019 are:

  • Gitlab
  • NginX
  • Icinga
  • Svelte
  • Proxmox
  • Docker
  • Python web server+Django
  • PostgreSQL

Reading books is also part of the education. I am particularly fond of books that deal with different fields and I am mostly interested in the field of soft-skills, which are needed for both business and everyday life. You can find what I read in my library.


Despite being in different places, I've had to work, much to some people's amazement, most of the time I'm sitting at my PC or thinking about work, but luckily, as a freelancer, I can do that in the countryside on a walk.

it nomad work

Work-wise, it's been challenging for me. After all, the job of an IT specialist is not blowing into a wilted dandelion.
I kept to not accepting, no unprofessional work and working on scrounger. So the key was to recognize and understand the types of work. I have even provided consultation on this to others, often employees applying for work at an unfamiliar company.
Incidentally, I had one livestream and two videos on this topic: Imaging Companies , How to tell a bad company from a good one? , Why not work at a company that takes donations? .

Even though entrepreneurship involves business risk, I didn't go into any projects that were risky, that were beyond my ability and too big a bite and moreover, the risk was on me and then someone else somewhere else was licking the cream. Accordingly, I took jobs that would either be small or build on my knowledge. Requirements in an unfamiliar area I dealt with by paid analysis.

Financially I have not been losing money, but that is not surprising given my frugality of spending. So I spent money on what could have been an investment: HW, travel to conferences, work environment and health support.

Having more customers is essential! Because the risk is so diversified.
The customers who cooperated I dealt with and the others with lower priority. I took on smaller one-off things as well as long term projects. Each has something and variety is also good in that it makes you shift more. However, the bottom line was if I was developing something to reserve a whole day for that customer/job and just focus on one big task.

As a result, I have found that operating as an independent professional is more mutually beneficial. For the client mainly due to the wide range of skills and efficiency. For me, mainly because I can do professional work and professional growth is possible and necessary. And from an administrative perspective, no question. I don't have to deal with attendance, vacation, sick leave and other paperwork. I just have to issue an invoice.

Finances are an important topic on both sides, that's just a fact.
If you're doing cheap work, they'll give you any unprofessional work. And I want the professional work. So doing it cheaply while asking for expert work makes no sense.
So with a higher hourly rate, you're more likely to get more expert work. As a result, you can then have time for yourself. It also gives you time for education :-) . After all, you can't sit at a PC for 8 hours every working day. You need to think of a solution to the requirement/problem first and you don't have to sit at the computer.
More relaxed customers and customers with experience typically accept a higher price. Which is an important factor for good project execution. A higher price will force people to think, prepare and write up the request well. So it saves time and trouble for both parties.
Moreover, the price can't even compete. The important thing is expertise and that's why customers come to me.

I have noticed one thing as well, since a capable person will eventually either leave the company or stunt there. So it's suspicious if someone works as an employee plus years in one company.
After all, I've been wondering for a long time that I'm not in business. And in retrospect, I could have started the business as early as college or high school if I had thought of it.


josef jebavy sportsman

Practicing sports regularly is a crucial priority, as it is the basis for good health, good mood and the desire to work.

The priorities this year were different. And sport-wise, I've gotten to where there's a reasonable investment/performance ratio. I know diet and metabolism from a sports perspective better than any doctor. I know training methodology better than retired hobby racers. After a broken ankle, I can't even compete with those who didn't have health problems. So racing went completely by the wayside.

However, the bike is essential to me and so, as time allowed and within my ability to recover, I naturally rode the bike. I tried to take the rides seriously, but it certainly wasn't systematic training. So I didn't even keep an honest record of the rides.
So, the summary of the year 2013, which was downright cycling, is a wonderful memoir of performance, not just cycling for me, but also in terms of preparing equipment and cooking food and providing facilities, all of which I did myself.

I love going to the water. In the hot summer it's especially great and when it's cold it's wearying. I started going to the pond in April and have been practicing swimming technique quite regularly, especially the kraul, which I taught myself over the previous two summers, so that some swimmers think I'm an old racer :-) . But when it comes to the kraul there is still a lot to improve, both technique and endurance.

josef jebavy krkonose

I have included walking in my exercise itinerary. So I went hiking, variously into the countryside and also hiking in the Krkonose Mountains with friends or girls.

For camping and hiking I also bought other equipment: sticks and a stool:
hole sedacka gas

Travel and Meetings

When I was an employee, I had no time for anything, not even for travel and events, and finally not even for sports and exercise. However, as I gained control over my own time, I actively put various events in my diary.

For travel, it's good to have a more variable daily schedule and overall control over planning your own time. The benefit of traveling is that you get to experience new things and so your horizons expand. Moreover, it allows you to meet new people, both women and men, and thus meet a lot of capable and nice people.

Conferences in Prague, Brno, Bratislava. Some are familiar to me and have a definite place in my calendar, some were new - for example, the OpenCamp Bratislava 2019 conference.

I also attended the Smart City sessions in Vrchlabí. Where I was pleasantly surprised by their actionability and communicativeness. For me, it was an interesting experience of how the office works.

cluster zeliv

I have accomplished the traveling to perfection. I visited many cities. So many that I will write the list only at random and leave out the big ones. I have visited and explored these cities: Křižanov, Želiv, Jihlava, Boskovice, Červená voda, Branžež, Venice nad Jizerou, Hamr, Humpolec, Jeseník and others.

cabo de roca

I also accomplished a visit to a foreign country. I don't quite think of Slovakia as a foreign country. By air I was in Portugal, where I spent a week and a bit in Lisbon with nice people. Aside from the city, we also went to a nearby castle and the westernmost tip of Europe, Cabo de roca.


I had also planned to stay in Prague for a longer period of time. I accomplished this in the fall when I stayed in Prague for 10 days straight. In the afternoons I was mostly working in Prague and in the mornings or evenings there were meetings or events that I attended.
All the visits this year have helped me overcome my dislike of Prague as I am now meeting mostly good people in Prague.

Gradually, I will again release videos of my travels on my YouTube channel in travel playlist.
You can see some photos of my travels in chronological order on my Instagram.


The year 2019 has been full of work, personal and travel activities. I also had to absorb a lot of new information and changes. It was a challenging year for me, but I kept moving forward. And in all this, I have to break out in the next year as well, because not only professionally I froze when I was an employee, but in other areas, I can move forward now. So I need to keep up the momentum in throwing coal into the cauldron of the machine I'm moving forward on.

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