Custom web and mail hosting with ISP Config software

April 11, 2019

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Web hosting does not always meet the requirements. When it comes to customization, even the more expensive hosting may not meet the requirements. This is solved by having your own server, either virtual (VPS) or physical, and on it you can conveniently manage your own web and mail hosting using ISP Config software.

When it comes to price, wedos, which has significant performance limitations, may suffice. However, when it comes to customization, even more expensive hosting may not float the requirements. Superior performance and configuration requirements are addressed by a custom server, whether virtual (VPS) or physical (custom or dedicated).

If you need to install IPSConfig, here is the form to install ISP Config

However, the server itself is just a piece of dead electronics. That's why you need to install an operating system on the physical server - ideally Linux. You can typically buy virtual servers with Linux already pre-installed. And then a web and mail server and database. The currency-savvy professional will then appreciate the user-friendly web administration interface.

Administrative interface

There are several solutions that allow the administration of a server that is supposed to perform web and mail hosting functions:

  • ISP Config
  • cPanel
  • Please
  • Virtualpanel
  • Webmin
  • Addressees
Some of these listed software can handle other services, but for now we will be primarily interested in managing only the server as web and mail hosting and everything else involved.
All of these software use standard open-source software to configure and then manage the individual services appropriately.
This article is about the ISP config, because I have the most experience with it and it is primarily for server administration that provides web and mail hosting. I have good experience with ISP Config. Of course, if it should be asked to do more than it can do, it needs to be able to do module programming or address customized server administration at the system level, for which you need to already have an excellent understanding of Linux sever management.

What ISP Config can do

  • Web server - support PHP and others
  • Database server - Mysql
  • Mail server including antispam
  • FTP server
  • DNS server
  • IPv4 IPv6 support
  • Firewall
  • HTTPS including Let's Encrypt
  • English localization
  • Manage user accounts
  • Web server configuration edits
  • atd
It can create and manage accounts and configuration - everything is logically linked.
When changing ISP Config it takes a while for the changes to take effect.

If you need a consultation or installing ISP Config as a mail server or web server, you can contact me.

Video guide to setting up web hosting

Video tutorial on how to set up a web host using the ISP config web administration interface.

    Video description:
  1. Setting up web hosting
  2. configuring hosting
  3. setting up a database and database user
  4. database login
  5. creating an FTP user to access the hosting
  6. connecting to FTP using FilleZila software
  7. uploading PHP script on hosting
  8. display "info.php"

ISP Config DNS

Establish a DNS zone for a domain and set up DNS records for the domain.

ISP Config mail

Set up mail hosting and create mailbox.

ISP Config settings HTTPS, SSL/TSL, lets encrypt

Video tutorial on how to set up a secure site. So how to set up HTTPS with SSL/TSL encryption and using a commercial or let's encrypt certificate.

ISP Config settings PHP5.6 or PHP7

How to set up ISP config to use different versions of PHP and how to choose a particular version for a particular web host. The assumption is that you already have PHP7 and PHP5.6 installed on your system.

Disk a quota

If you are installing ISP Config on multiple partition disks. The ISP Config installer automatically sets quotas on only one disk, so you have to manually set and enable quotes for the other disk. More linux quots.

ISP Config only supports quotas for the most common filesystems: EXT, XFS. It does not support for JFS and BTRFS.

Setting up a VPS

Where to buy a VPS for running ISP Config? You can, for example, with the company Váš hosting or the company Wedos.

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