Charcoal production

October 2, 2004

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Charcoal production

First I chopped the logs from wood suitable for grilling, in my case alder.
chopped logs

I stacked everything in the barrel closed and tightened the hoop around the lid.
logs in the barrel

He lined one side with bricks and drowned under the barrel for about 2 hours.
burning angles

The result can be seen in the following photo. As you can see the charcoal was not finished yet.
charred log

I chopped some more wood for the second barrel, and filled that one. I lined the barrels on both sides with bricks and flooded them.
burning angles

I was heating properly, so even the lid on one barrel shot off.
burning angles

This photo shows gases escaping from a barrel burning.
hot barrels

Then the coal was well burnt. It was still a little lacking, so it burned for a while at first, but soon it was beautiful coals.
I dumped the two barrels into one barrel and stored it.

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